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Life Beyond Screens is a site dedicated to helping people stop self-destructive technology use. Whether you avoid addressing life problems or simply have a bad habit, we provide you with everything you need to have a healthier relationship with technology, and life!

The Problem


Technology can provide the easiest way to avoid problems and neglect aspirations. Unlike drugs, technology provides unlimited supply, effortless availability, and is 'free'. The only cost, your true potential and greater suffering.

Diminished Motivation

Overstimulation from technology hijacks the brains reward system, resulting in a numbed pleasure response to stimuli.[1][4] This causes a higher tolerance for receiving pleasure and diminishes motivation for doing effortful activities.[2][8][3]

Increased Impulsivity

Technology addiction is closely associated with impulsivity.[4][5] The more severe the technology addiction is, the stronger positive correlation for having a reduced capacity to regulate impulsivity.[6][7]

Wasted Time

Self-destructive use of technology takes away our greatest asset, time. Mindlessly using technology is time that could be spent on more fulfilling things. Purposeful use of technology enables us to save our time rather than waste it.

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We help people resolve this issue by providing...

The Right Knowledge

Our forever free science-based recovery guide provides you with everything you need to do in order to successfully overcome self-destructive use of technology.

The Right Tools

If the recovery guide provides you with what you need to do, ViceDrop is how you do it. It's a powerful recovery tool meant to be used in conjunction with the recovery guide, providing a convenient place to track progress, journal, and much more.

The Right Support

Our awesome community is always there for you whenever you need a place discuss your progress, find an accountability partner, or simply just want to connect with others who are also going through recovery.

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