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A powerful and convenient recovery tool to use alongside the free recovery guide.

ViceDrop on mobile

Make your recovery easier by having only one place to...

Input recovery steps

Forget the notebook. ViceDrop allows you to input, modify, and reference all the recovery steps that you are taking following the recovery guide, such as your reasons to quit, root cause, and triggers to use.

Journal experiences

  1. Reduce stress by tracking your day-to-day experiences with the daily journal.
  2. Log how you beat urges with the urge journal for future reference and stats.
  3. Learn from and prevent similar relapses with the relapse journal.

Track progress

ViceDrop records and monitors your progress towards overcoming your technology vices. You can check your current abstinence time, relapses, and steps towards resolving your root cause of addiction.

Fight urges

The built in urge surfing timer is available for situations that arise where performing your replacement habit is infeasible or not possible. It includes a convenient option to make an urge journal entry with prefilled info after the timer is finished.

Learn from trends

The statistics page displays all kinds of important metrics, including your average urge strength and duration thanks to urge journal entries. With enough entries, it provides a predictable time frame for how long your urges should last.

Manage all your vices

Have more than one vice to deal with? No problem! ViceDrop's overview page provides a convenient place to manage all of your vices. Each vice has it's own dedicated dashboard for using all these features.

Let actions speak louder than words.

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Make your recovery easier.

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Common Questions

Do I need ViceDrop to recover from my addiction?

Nope, it's just a tool I recommend to make recovery easier.

I made Life Beyond Screens with the purpose of helping as much people overcome technology addiction as possible. This is why the recovery guide and forum are and always will be free without any paywall. If you don't see any value in ViceDrop, feel free to just use the recovery guide by itself!

Is this a smartphone, desktop, or browser app?

It's all of them!

ViceDrop is a multiplatform PWA (progressive web app). This means you can use ViceDrop as an app on your browser without downloading anything or you can install ViceDrop as a desktop, tablet, or smartphone app. You can learn how to install a PWA here.

How do I know my payment information is secure?

When you fill out your credit card information for starting the free ViceDrop trial you are redirected to a secure PCI compliant checkout page from a payment processor known as Stripe. Stripe is well established and used by top companies like Google and Amazon.

How does the 7-day free trial work?

After filling out your credit card information, you are given an email with a special link to redeem your ViceDrop account with full access. If you finished the trial period, you are automatically billed for the payment plan of your choice. If you didn't find ViceDrop beneficial, you can cancel your trial before being charged here. Don't worry, we will remind you before the trial is over!

Do you refund accidental payments?

Of course!

If you got charged for accidentally forgetting to cancel your trial or subscription, we'll fully refund you for whatever your subscription charge was. See our refund policy for more information.

What happens to my account when I cancel a subscription?

Your subscription status will continue to be active until the end of your billing cycle. After that, your account subscription status will be marked as inactive but you will still have read and delete privileges.

We don't believe it's fair for inactive members to have to pay for monthly fees just to view the last time they used their vice or to reflect upon journal entries. You worked hard for your progress, the least we can do is provide you with a place to showcase how far you've come. See our cancellation policy for more information on the permissions you do and do not have.

Will you increase my subscription price over time?


While we may increase our prices whenever it's deemed just, customers will always be locked in to the price plan they signed up with. This of course, is voided if you cancel your subscription using an grandfathered price plan.