OnlyFans Makes Loneliness Worse. Don't Give Up On Love.

OnlyFans may seem like a band-aid for loneliness, but it's actually a parasitic worm that makes you feel worse.

The more you use it to avoid addressing your loneliness, the greater damage it has on your well-being.

It may really seem like all hope is lost and OnlyFans is the answer to your frustrations for lacking a relationship, but this is far from the truth.

In order to prevent further unnecessary suffering, today I want to make it clear why OnlyFans isn't the answer to your loneliness and what to do about your loneliness instead.

How OnlyFans Makes Loneliness Worse

It's simple.

You aren't addressing your loneliness, you are simulating resolve for it.

Sure, OnlyFans makes you feel wanted and loved when SmallTittyG0thGirl sends you DMs, but for how long?

15 minutes? A day at best?

That's because the primitive side of your brain responsible for the reward and pleasure can't distinguish the difference, but you can. You know you still have not met your needs for love and intimacy.

You can't have sex or cuddle with the content creator. And most importantly, you can't build a truly intimate relationship with them.

This is why you feel short-term pleasure, but not long-term fulfillment.

You may try to play pretend all you want, but you intuitively know SmallTittyG0thGirl doesn't care about you, you know she only cares about your money.

The worse part, it may not even be her responding. The more clientele she has, the greater chance you are talking with some dude in India.

Less time responding to the 530 people replying to her means more time spent with her boyfriend.

This is why your feelings of loneliness never goes away. In fact, OnlyFans only makes you feel worse.

The more time you spend avoiding your problems, the worse you will feel.

It's the same way procrastinating on deadlines makes you feel worse than doing them as soon as possible. Except in this case, the feeling of dread from avoidance won't dissipate, it lingers past the point of an approaching deadline and gets worse until you resolve your problems.

Facing Loneliness

So now you know why OnlyFans isn't the answer, then what is?

The answer is to understand and resolve your loneliness.

Whether you are using OnlyFans to supplement your love needs or you choose to distract yourself from loneliness with outlets like anime and video games, you can't expect to resolve loneliness if you give into avoiding the problem because it's daunting and/or feels unsolvable.

And I get it, loneliness is hard. It's an innate part of human nature that we are all burdened to suffer from. For some, it's much more severe than the majority can even fathom.

But while loneliness causes you to suffer, it doesn't mean that those feelings of loneliness are there just to fuck with you. It's there to tell you that you've got some problem(s) to solve.

Stop Self-Sabotage

In order to face your loneliness, you need to be extremely honest with yourself in order to prevent self-sabotage that stops you from taking action to resolve it.

Confronting loneliness will likely instill feelings of fear, uncertainty, and being overwhelmed when thinking about resolving it. It may really seem like finding a significant other is hopeless and impossible, so you give up and the problems get bigger.

But oftentimes, your mindset is the only thing in the way that sabotages your ability to resolve loneliness. Limiting beliefs and lacking clarity of what to do are the biggest perpetrators of self-sabotage.

For instance, John is addicted to OnlyFans because he copes with the limiting belief that he has a 0% chance of getting a girlfriend due to him being short and balding.

Since he thought getting a girlfriend was absolutely impossible due to his genetics, he gave up and played victim. He avoids the pain of that thought by distracting himself with OnlyFans.

That's not to say that personality is all that matters or any other bullshit many people say. You and I both know that looks play a major role in initial attraction and those factors will limit his dating options.

Even if you are like John and have other genetics features that filter out your dating pool options, giving up completely truly means a guaranteed 0% chance of having a significant other.

But I'll tell you one thing, it's definitely more fulfilling having hope and working towards getting a significant other instead of giving that all up for BaeMary69's male responder sending you generic good morning DMs.

What John should do is slowly learn to accept the things he can't change and improve the things he can change to attract a girlfriend.

Self-improvement can only be followed by self-acceptance.

Know Why You are Lonely

Without self-sabotaging yourself, you are able to truly understand why you are lonely and how to overcome it. Keep in mind, this requires some introspection since your answer may not be as simple as you think.

John may think his issue is lacking a girlfriend but it's really a problem of having low self-esteem. As a result, he has no life direction and is codependent on others for happiness.

The cliche "Love yourself before others" is true for good reason. What if you get a girl as hot as Th1ccB1tch but you never feel like you are good enough for her?

By John having a fulfilling life with enriching hobbies, a relationship adds to his life as a bonus. It isn't the end all be all to his life, so if things go south in the relationship his world won't crash and burn.

Resolving Loneliness And OnlyFans Addiction

In order to resolve your feelings of loneliness, a crucial step is to quit OnlyFans.

Quitting OnlyFans will allow you to take the steps needed to resolve your loneliness instead of going to the path of least resistance to avoid the issue.

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